We are looking for volunteers to work with us at The Little Explorers.  If you think you might be suitable and are interested in applying could you email me (Arabella) at thelittleexplorersactivityclub@yahoo.com The roles that we would be looking for are people who are interested in learning more about the Movement Method (education, child development & autism) and who want to help at play dates with the children. We are also looking for keen gardeners and anyone who is handy making things as we have all sorts of inspiring and magical projects for the garden to make it a truly brilliant place for kids to learn and have fun.
Location – Village close to Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

Thula, the club’s mascot, therapy cat, most loyal volunteer and comrade.  All Volunteers must be happy to work along side this cat 🙂 

Thula on the new trampoline

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