Jungle Theme Activity Room
Meet the Team
Arabella Carter-Johnson
Autism Mother, bestselling author, photographer & Founder of the Club.
The Little Explorers has become part of family life, Arabella has opened up her home to help other families, once isolated this club changed everything.
‘I love creating a little magic for our children here at the club.  Of course I want them all to grow in confidence and eventually not need us any more but until that day comes we will be that safe place for them where they can learn, we believe in what’s within every child and follow their lead.’  
 Leanne Brown
I run Lealerbels Forest School. Working alongside Arabella, I am very excited to offer family Forest School sessions to The Little Explorers Activity Club, designed to complement and sit alongside the Club’s activity programme.
The sessions will be designed to give children the opportunity to undertake achievable tasks. This often means that children set the goals and outcomes of activities for themselves, achievements being made during the process itself. My role will be to facilitate the children in reaching these outcomes and goals and support them in extending their learning. It is this key process that helps build children’s self-esteem and confidence.
Through my observations and planning I will introduce various resources that will stimulate and facilitate learning through the children’s play, and build upon their interests (such as setting up play areas within the environment, introducing natural resources, story telling, den building, clay work ….)
Laurence Schneider
Masters Degree in Neurosciences at the Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris.
Laurence is our educational games extraordinaire, she uses children’s interests to create individual games that are intrinsically motivating and most importantly fun for our children so they learn in an environment that suits them stress free moving in nature.
She offers lesson plans & private sessions at the club working on educational goals, social skills & self esteem/confidence all tailored to the individual child.
‘I love showing them another way that makes sense to them, being inspired by nature giving them the joy of learning.’
Miriam Hindriks
Studying Biology and Physics in the Masters Degree of
Education at the University of Osnabrueck in Germany.  Miriam comes over from Germany as a working student and has become part of the team.
‘to me learning means to discover the world, encouraging the children’s  curiosity about how things work and seeing their enthusiasm when they find out something new. The moments at the Little Explorers when I saw the kids´ joy of discovery and their happiness while they were learning physics felt amazing and I just thought: What a great way to teach kids through their interests, go outside and let them move.’

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