Play Dates

Next Activity Club Day – 20th May 10 – 12pm

The session is £5 per child. To book your place email:

Next activity days will be:
– 27th May: Who is your favourite film charachter? (please, let us know by email your child film / animation characther so we can prepare activities and their dressing up clothes)
– 3rd June: Sea life
– 10th June:Jungle

More dates to come.

Please, if you would like to attend any of this session email us at

Family Playdates

IMG_5256 copy

Our play dates are a private one family sessions with our trained Movement Method Mentors and Working Students, they take place at our home near Market Harborough, Leicestershire and the majority of the time the activities will be out in the garden or in the oak framed garden room which has plenty of natural light and space. The length of the session is usually 2 hrs,  10am -12.


The educational games are all designed with your child in mind.  We follow their individual interests and all motivations are intrinsic within the activity in an environment that suits them.  We invite the whole family including siblings to attend and their needs and interests are important to us too.  We serve the whole family, you are the experts so we invite you to fill in our form so we collect as much information as possible about your children that will allow us to provide the best learning opportunities.

IMG_4310 ccopy

The individual family play dates are free of charge.

One thought on “Play Dates

  1. It is so exciting to see all the growth and development! You are doing such amazing and important work- by loving Iris so much you were willing to challenge convention and seek creative solutions- and now you are helping change the way children will be supported and educated around the world. Love and respect you and all those other courageous parents so much!!! Jenny Stamm

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