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Next Activity Club Days  – 5th August, 19th August & 26th August

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New Families

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Welcome to The Little Explorers Activity Club, we believe in empowering parents giving them the tools they need.  We specialise in Autism, ADD, ADHD & Learning Difficulties.  We suggest to all of our new families that they attend a private individual session free of charge before the Saturday Club so that they can familiarise themselves with the new environment and get to know more about our Methods.  In 2016 Arabella, the founder of the activity club joined forces with Rupert Isaacson, author of the ‘Horse Boy’ they are working together on the Kids Must Move project and using the Movement Method to teach life skills & academics through movement in nature with all motivations intrinsic within the activities following a set of easy guidelines that their Movement Method Mentors can teach to parents.


The educational games are all designed with your child in mind.  We follow their individual interests in an environment that suits them.  We invite the whole family including siblings to attend and their needs and interests are important to us too.  We serve the whole family, you are the experts so we invite you to fill in our form so we collect as much information as possible about your children that will allow us to provide the best learning opportunities.

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The Saturday Club

The Club started out as an Autism friendly home based activity club in 2013 but we soon realised it has a wider appeal, lots of children benefit from having a stable environment to learn and experience new things. We have created an understanding safe place where they can have fun and socialise with other children and families. Providing quiet areas where they can be calm and relax if it all gets too much, allowing them to rejoin the group when they are ready. Every Saturday there is a different theme to inspire them, we have a whole range of exciting and unusual activities on offer that are intrinsically motivating for each child. The ages of the children are roughly from 3yrs to 12yrs.


Parent Training

If a parent would like additional support & training to implement the methods at home we offer a 2 day training and another individual playdate as part of the training.

Below the outline of the Parent Training course.

Day 1:
1. Exercise: Movement

2. What Movement Method is: The Learning Equation

The right physical environment + The right physical environment = Learning

3. How Movement Method works

4. How to set up the right physical environment

5. Exercise: Environment Make Over


Day 2:

6. Human environment (part 1): how to set up yourself up for success

7. Exercise: Follow the Child

8. Human environment (part 2): how to set up the child up for success

9. Drop it, Do it, Confirm it

10. Exercise: Design & create activities for the upcoming individual playdate


Day 3: Individual Playdate
This playdate would be a chance to shadow a trained Movement Method Mentor while working with your child.


We also offer private consultations. Contact us at for more details.




One thought on “Training Centre & Club

  1. It is so exciting to see all the growth and development! You are doing such amazing and important work- by loving Iris so much you were willing to challenge convention and seek creative solutions- and now you are helping change the way children will be supported and educated around the world. Love and respect you and all those other courageous parents so much!!! Jenny Stamm

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